Praise from top leaders in the fitness industry.

We all can vividly recall experiences in our life that were pivotal.  Experiences that resulted in a radical enhancement of our personal and professional lives. One of those experiences for me was when I met and shared time with Scott Hopson and Hayley Hollander.

Because of who they are and their gifts, Scott and Haley have become trusted and valued mentors to the Gray Institute.

Having the gifts of listening, understanding and discernment provides a strong foundation of wisdom for us. Perhaps their most significant empowering attributes are their thoughtfulness, kindness and authentic hearts.

You owe it to yourself both personally and professionally to invite them into your life…an invitation I can personally guarantee that you will look back and realize it was a significant and pivotal decision in your life.

Dr. Gary Gray

Founder & CEO I Gray Institute

I have had the absolute pleasure in working with Scott and Hayley for the past ten years across two different companies, two continents and six countries and I would do it all again in a heartbeat if offered the chance to go back in time.

Whether it is fitness, sales, tennis or customer service they understand how to get the best out of people and how to deliver memorable learning moments.

They both exude personality, confidence and charisma and make education and learning a joy. They bring people together around a challenge and explain complex concepts in simple terms that people can digest and use to improve their own performance and their clients experiences.

I could not think of two better partners on your journey to improved performance than Scott and Hayley and I would highly recommend them as some of the best the industry has to offer.

Jon Brady

Chief Operating Officer, Midtown Athletic Clubs / The Hotel at Midtown

I have worked with Hayley for the last six years on a variety of consulting and training projects at different companies. Though it is true to say that she is a world class educator and content developer, it is the reasons behind this that make her top in her field.

Hayley has an unparalleled ability to listen to what matters to others, integrate feedback, absorb and embrace new knowledge, and break down complex topics in a way that resonates with audiences of all levels.

She does so with sincerity, authenticity, and humor – making her an in-demand and trusted educator.

Erica Tillinghast

Global Director of Education, Precor

Scott Hopson has been a leader and innovator in the fitness industry for years.

He has a unique knack in creating solutions and strategies bringing in many aspects of human performance. Scott’s contributions to our industry are vast and significant. 

Michol Dalcourt

Founder, IOM and ViPR

I have had the privilege to work with many of the best minds in the fitness world and few impressed me as much as working with Scott Hopson.

Scott has the ability to deliver the missing art of taking complex and cutting edge information and deliver it in a story that everyone can follow.

Scott was one of the first to truly understand and share vibration training and has a gift in the arena of movement and Strength and Conditioning that is hard to match. I worked with Scott in many different capacities over the years and still will go out of my way to see him present and watch peoples “light bulb” moments when listening to him.”

Richard Boyd

Founder, PT on the Net and PTA Global

“Scott Hopson is an industry leader as represented by those of us who look to Scott for his insight and trust him representing our brands.

He has a global perspective, with the local knowledge of so many systems, giving Scott a truly unique perspective in being powerfully effective for those he serves.”

Mark Verstegen

Founder and President, EXOS / Athletes Performance