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Creating Breakthrough Performance for Teams & Groups

Train, practice, and compete at your highest potential.

Every athlete is unique. Every athlete has different physical, psycho-social, technical and tactical demands that need to be considered in programming.

The Pivotal coaching system connects the dots of movement assessment into integrated programming to meet the individual demands of every athlete on the team.

By assessing the vital movements needed for sport and life, we deliver all the necessary ingredients in a customized plan for the athlete. Helping to drive individual performance and collective team success.


No one athlete is the same.

Even if they play the same sport and position. In our assessment we gather the relevant and significant information about each athlete, including each athlete’s motivation, mindset, and movement capabilities.


Success is personal.

And it starts from a personalized plan. We tailor each program to the individual’s needs, wants, and goals. We further consider in-season, off-season demands, and positional requirements for each athlete. Create sound solutions to drive success.


Elevating you from one place to the next.

We believe that coaching comes from the heart, driven by effective and meaningful communication. By establishing purposeful relationships we support our athletes in their journey towards success.


Making Your Passion Your Paycheck

Pivotal’s education explores the most cutting edge science of:

  • Human Movement
  • Coaching & Programming
  • Business Solutions

LIVE Education >

There is nothing like coming together with movement professionals whose passion and desire is to help others. Pivotal’s LIVE educational experiences bring people together from all over the world, sharing different views and ideas to enhance your understanding and capabilities as a professional.

Pivotal’s teaching methods are rooted in research and neuropsychology of adult learning. We deliver education filled with multi-sensory delivery techniques, which assist to provide contrast for the student, and build an environment for learning.

There are many different ways to experience Pivotal’s education in a LIVE setting, including:

  • Pivotal Mentorship
  • Pivotal Teaching School
  • Conference Sessions (Varying locations/topics)

To find out which opportunity might suit your professional direction take a look at our “LIVE Events” page.


Create YOUR next breakthrough.

Take your business to the next level. Whether it’s refining your operations, training your staff, establishing your business in new territories, or increasing your bottom line, we can help.

For 20 years we have helped the movement industry’s best companies upgrade their education, people, services, and drive more revenue. Some of our current clients include: Gray Institute, EXOS, Precor, Power Plate, and Midtown Athletic Clubs.

Not sure where to start YOUR breakthrough? Contact Us and we will set up a complimentary consulting call with you.