Pivotal Webinar Series


Four – 90 Minute Webinars
Downloadable infographics and session notes
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Topic #1: Stress & Expression
Description: how we look, feel, and perform in life (and sport) is dictated by how we respond to stress.  Human beings are made up of over 30 trillion cells that express their potential based on responding to internal and external environments (stressors). In this webinar discover the influence of the 3 brains and 3 systems of human function and how they work together to create habits of harm or habits of harmony in ourselves as well as those we coach and serve.

Topic #2: From Assessment to Programming
Description: movement assessment (observation) is a critical part of the Pivotal M4 system as it lays the foundation for developing effective and efficient movement in our clients. In this webinar we will present various strategies and techniques for integrating assessment results into authentic and intelligent programming. Finally, we will share real case studies you might experience with those you coach.

Topic#3: Squatology
Description: squatting is a fundamental movement of global human function as well as one of the most debated and discussed movements in the industry – often with dogmatic and limited views of right and wrong. This webinar will explore the structural, functional, bio-mechanical and environmental influences on a person’s reason, and ability, to squat optimally for them.

Topic #4: Prepare, Perform, Recover: Plyos & Med Balls
Description: plyometrics and med ball work are deeply powerful training components for developing power ground up and top down. They are equally critical for enhancing kinetic linking, reducing energy leaks, and upgrading speed strength in all populations – when used intelligently. This webinar shares a systematic approach to optimizing starting strength, elastic strength and reactive strength by manipulating position, initiation, triangulation and load.


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