Nivel 1 Vina Del Mar, Chile April 25th – 27th, 2025

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Coaching the Human Being and the Human Body. Become the best at movement, coaching, and programming.

Translation provided in Spanish.

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With so many theories, opinions, and methodologies it can be overwhelming and confusing as a coach. With 40+ combined years studying with and teaching for many of the thought leaders in our industry we will share our approach to making the complex simple.

The Pivotal System and M4 Methodology explores the mindset, mechanical, metabolic and movement stressors placed on our clients and athletes. Learn to connect the dots from assessment (assess don’t guess!) to movement to programming.

Topics include:

  • the authentic systems and principles that drive global human function
  • developing effective and efficient human movement
  • mind body connection and the power of emotion
  • metabolic and mechanical stressors and programming
  • autonomy, mastery, and purpose in behavioral change
  • creating transformational environments through transformational coaching
Mentorship includes:
  • 3 immersive days of hands-on learning & application
  • Online Course ($899 USD value)
  • Pivotal study pack & t-shirt
  • Continuing Education Credits: NASM, ACE, & ISSA

Create breakthrough performances for those you serve and get paid what you deserve doing it. 


Mentorship Schedule: 
Friday April 25th: 8am – 5pm (7:30am check-in)
Saturday April 26th:  9am – 5:30pm
Sunday April 27th:  9am – 4:30pm


Mentorship Location:                            
Movement Solutions Performance Center
14 North, 941
Viña del Mar, Chile


Recommended Lodging: 
Hotel Pullman Vina del Mar St. Martin
Av San martin 667


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