Intro to Group Coaching: Free Mini Course


Download this FREE mini course and watch it online, on any of your favorite devices! Introducing you to the key ingredients to create success groups, including: Movement, Mindset, and Programming!



This FREE course is full of great take-aways that the movement professional can easily apply to creating transformational group environments. Anchoring to the key ingredients of Movement, Mindset, and Programming you will learn and explore the essentials for creating authentic human function, delivering motivating group experiences through coaching personalities, and you will uncover the key reasons for programming various formats and what they might be good for. The student who wishes to learn more will get a special offer price on the full Pivotal Group Coaching Certification powered by Gray Institute.

Learning Objectives

The student will learn how the 11 primary biological systems of the body make up 3 primary movement systems to consider in programming for authentic global human function.

The student will learn the key components to driving intrinsic motivation include providing autonomy, mastery, and purpose within the session and programming for the individuals in the class.

The student will learn the various formats for building a group session and what types of goals and outcomes they would align to, helping to connect purpose for the individual participating and organizing the flow of the session for your class.


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