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The Tipping Point

For the first time in history our youth have a lower life expectancy than their parents.

Adults are living longer and sicker while our children will die sooner from the onset of adult diseases.

There may be no greater influence on the cognitive, socio-emotional, and biological development futures of our youth than MOVEMENT.

Up to 95% 

of youth coaches are not educated or certified in youth movement.

Less than 20% of community-based coaches and less than 8% of school coaches have received any formal training on basic movement skills and competencies, safety or injury prevention.

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Serving the real stakeholders of our youth: the parents, teachers, coaches, and volunteers who care enough to make a difference.

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Pivotal Youth Movement Certification

Empowering Those That Empower our Youth

One day workshop with Pivotal accredited educator
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Pivotal Youth Movement Certification Makes the Complex Simple

The Playbook

Development Model

A proven model that integrates positive  youth development, physical literacy and long term athletic development. Upgrading physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional growth.

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Movement Model

Create movement literacy, competency, and proficiency for life and sport through nutrient rich movement. Discover each child’s Movement Age and Movement Passport.

Training Model

Develop each child’s Training Pathway applying scientifically based training systems, components and program guidelines.

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