Pivotal Group Coaching Certification

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Pivotal Group Coaching Certification

The desire to connect with other humans is a part of our DNA. Rooted deeply in our neurobiology, we are driven to thrive and survive through emotional interaction with others. The Pivotal Group Coaching Certification helps the movement professional to create environments of transformation that connect people for success through movement, coaching, and programming.

Topics covered include:

Psychology of Movement

  • Power of Connection
  • Emotion of Motion
  • Power of Play
  • Mirror Neurons

Movement System

  • 10 Observational Essentials
  • 8 Fundamental Movements
  • Create on Demand

Coaching System

  • Coaching Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic
  • Coaching Task & Movement
  • Coaching Competition
  • Coaching Personalities

Programming System

  • Themes & Qualities
  • Programming Structure

Connecting the Dots

  • Skills of a Good Coach
  • Ongoing Programming

Elevate Your Coaching Game

Earn CEUs and impact lives through transformational coaching!

6+ CEUs
Approved provider for NASM, PTA Global, AFAA, & ACE

Pivotal Group Coaching certification was ground breaking information that helped me to enhance everything I deliver as a coach. Connecting people through play and competition while driving cutting edge programming has made my job easier.

Now all my group classes have a waiting list.

Maddie S.

Chicago, IL