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Connect people for success through Movement, Coaching, and Programming with the Pivotal Group Coaching Certification.

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Pivotal Group Coaching Certification 

The Pivotal Group Coaching Certification helps the movement professional to create environments of transformation that connect people for success through movement, coaching, and programming.


Empower Movement Potential

Utilize key concepts of human psychology, and behavioral motivation, by integrating proven methods to engage exercisers in a group setting. Learn to create group programming on demand, based on various themes, and participants in the class.


Study At Your Own Pace, Anywhere

Work through the Online Pivotal Group Coaching Certification, on any device, at your own speed, anywhere in the world. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.


Grow Your Career While Earning Credits

Earn 8+ continuing education credits through the world’s top providers.


What’s Included:

  • 8 + hours of online video modules
  • Downloadable handouts and infographics
  • Bonus videos: Sample Class & Games
  • Sample Class Templates (Three Different Themes)
  • Test & Certificate of Completion
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What People are Saying about Pivotal Group Coaching

Madelyn L.

Performance Coach - EXOS

Pivotal Group Coaching certification was ground-breaking information that helped me to enhance everything I deliver as a coach. Connecting people through play and competition while driving cutting edge programming has made my job easier.”

Beverly Beck

Owner - The Right Fit, LLC

Attending the Group Coaching Certification was a pivotal point in my career as a group exercise instructor and one/one coach. The program is nestled at the intersection of movement psychology and physiology and helped me better understand the connection of emotion and motion. Learning from Hayley and Scott combines what I love most about group ex and personal training…playfully working together towards pain free movement. Participants leave classes happy, sweating and with a plan to come back again and again because they feel successful and connected.

Richard Earney

National Program Director - Midtown Athletic Clubs

New and refreshing information about neuropsychology of connection in groups. Loved the connecting the dots between the movement, coaching, and programming and felt that there were a lot of key take aways that can be applied to all levels of coaching in my clubs. Many coaches will benefit from the information and skill sets they will gain in this course.

Pivotal Group Live +

Learn to create environments of transformation for your groups alongside amazing professionals.

The Pivotal Group Coaching Live + gives you access to the one day workshop AND the online course!

Boulder, CO |May 2022

More Courses | TBD

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