Our GPS for Life and Work

Things that drive our company


We do work we love with people we love

“If we can’t do that, then we do work that matters with people that care. There is no third option. What’s the point?”



The Power of We

“We achieve nothing alone in this life. Whether developing coaches, powering businesses, or being of service in our communities, we do our most meaningful and fulfilling work alongside others driven by a common purpose and just cause.”



People and Business

“There are two types of people in business, those that love money and use people and those that love people and use money. If you are the former please don’t contact us.”



Honesty and Trust

“See #1. We don’t do politics or strategy when it comes to relationships. We don’t have to agree with our clients but we do need to trust and understand them.”



Empowering Potential

“People are inspired by their own dreams not ours. It is not for us to transform anyone but we do have a passion for creating environments for people to transform themselves. We work with those that have dreams…big dreams.”