Who are Pivotal?

Pivotal is a Chicago-based development company with a vision of empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential. After 40+ years of powering many leading health and fitness brands globally, co-founders Scott Hopson (CEO) and Hayley Hollander (President) created Pivotal in 2017 to share their mission with the world. During this time Pivotal has established itself across 4 continents as a globally recognized and accredited provider of education and training to thousands of sport and fitness professionals, creating proven solutions for both the new professional looking to survive and thrive in the industry as well as the veteran professional looking to become a leader. Additionally, we provide consultancy and development to executive and senior management teams of IHRSA’s Top 100 Health Clubs, professional sports teams, and Olympic organizations.

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How do I contact you?

Pivotal Inc. 

815 W Buena Ave #2W

Chicago, IL 60613




Do you deliver Keynotes?

-Yes. Pivotals’ keynotes and workshops, virtual coaching, and customized branded pathways have been designed to align your people and empower potential. Learn more here.


What online courses do you offer?


What services do you offer?

  • Coaching, Educating, and Consulting! Find what you need here.