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We are a development company empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential through coaching, educating and consulting.


Coach, Educator, Mover & Shaker

Hayley wants to live in a world where donuts and dumbbells can coexist, you can bring your dog everywhere you go, and movement is fun and available to everyone.

She is an international coach, educator, and consultant. And alongside her best friend, Scott Hopson, is the co-founder of Pivotal.

Throughout her 20+ year career her leadership, programming, and content creation has influenced the masses. She has coached and educated thousands of clients, teams, athletes, and coaches from all over the world. Her former leadership roles include, Fitness Director at Midtown Athletic Clubs and overseeing a 90 million dollar expansion project, and Director of Education & Training for PTA Global. 

Hayley has been named amongst the top 3 finalists for IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year in 2014, 2018, & 2019; IDEA China Industry Top Contributor Finalist in 2018, IDEA China Fitness Inspiration Finalist in 2019; and chosen as the 2013 Fan Favorite for LifeFitness’ Personal Trainer to Watch.

Her passion extends to empowering coaches and leaders to achieve untouched levels, while inspiring those they serve.  She is renowned for program creation and implementation, and her work can be found in major health club chains, university recreation centers, non-profit wellness centers, and professional sports training centers.

She holds a unique place in her heart for coaching the growing athlete, and thrives to help them find opportunities to succeed in both life and sport.  She volunteers her free-time to develop and lead teenagers & young adults, on and off the field.

Coach and Team-mate

Scott wants to live a world where consciousness, compassion, and curiosity guide.

He is an internationally recognized leader in human performance, coaching and education as well as co-founder of Pivotal and PTA Global. In a career spanning 25 years he has delivered 2000+ live events, authored 30+ accredited courses and certifications, impacting over 250,000 coaches, clients and students, in more than a 100-countries world-wide.

At the heart of his extensive leadership work is the ability to inspire and empower people and teams by making the complex simple to create breakthrough performances. Scott is renowned for his great passion and work in professional coach development as well as youth development and coaching. His work has been integrated into Olympic associations, professional sports teams, universities, and many of the best health and athletic clubs across many diverse countries and cultures.

Scott has decades of volunteer work serving youth and adults in elementary and high schools, poor and at-risk communities, camps for children with special needs, adult programs of recovery, and developmental sports clubs.

Strength In Numbers.

Years of coaching, educating, and consulting the world’s best.

students, clients, and athletes

developed and delivered education in 100+ countries.