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We are a development company empowering people to reach their greatest potential through coaching, educating and consulting.

International Educator, Author, Coach, Evil-Stepmom, Wanna-be Baker, and pure-lover of movement!

Hayley wants to live in a world where donuts and dumbbells can coexist, you can bring your dog everywhere you go, and movement is fun and available to everyone.

As an author and educator Hayley has been spotlighted in numerous published articles and had a major starring role in several educational DVD’s.  She has been named amongst the top 3 finalists for IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year in 2014, 2018, & 2019; IDEA China Industry Top Contributor Finalist in 2018, IDEA China Fitness Inspiration Finalist in 2019; and chosen as the 2013 Fan Favorite for LifeFitness’ Personal Trainer to Watch.

When she’s not traveling around the world and teaching coaches how to help clients to perform better and move pain free, you can find her finessing a recipe and making Scott’s and her kid’s bellies happy.

A lot of excitement this year for Hayley and Pivotal! Announcing their partnership with Inspire 360, a global reaching educational platform to provide online education EVERYWHERE! Delivering innovative programming and product launches for Precor across the world.  And alongside her partner in crime, Scott, she looks forward to delivering the first international Pivotal Mentorships and launcing Pivotal’s new course, Pivotal Group Coaching powered by Gray Institute to the public.

International Coach & Educator, proud dad, lover of soul and house music, secretly dreams of coaching the England rugby team.

Scott is a fanatical sports fan, passionate wine drinker, and a globally renowned educator and coach, in that order.

He is co-founder of PTA Global and Pivotal – development companies in fitness and performance. Mark Verstegen has described him as “an industry leader”, Richard Boyd attributes him with “one of the best minds in the industry with a gift that is hard to match’, and Michol Dalcourt considers that “his work to the industry is vast and significant”.

His clients include EXOS, Gray Institute, Midtown Athletic Clubs, UNIFIT Academy, and numerous other industry defining organizations. In 20+ years he has authored 50+ accredited courses and certifications, his work is in 100+ countries, and has coached / educated over 100’000+ people globally.

2019 is going to be an incredible year teaching in USA, China, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Australia. Alongside his better half, Hayley, Scott is truly excited to launch the much-anticipated Pivotal Mentorships internationally and the Pivotal Group Coaching Certification powered by Gray Institute.

His hope is that 2019 is the year that England finally demolish the All Blacks in rugby and that…no…that covers it.

Strength In Numbers.

Years of coaching, educating, and consulting the world’s best.

students, clients, and athletes

developed and delivered education in 100+ countries.