We want to introduce you to Renata de Barros, the Methodology Consultant for Club Athletico Paranese. Renata is a coach and educator, who delivers courses and performance workshops in Brazil. We had the honor of meeting Renata in 2018 in El Salvador Brazil at the MWove Education summit. We immediately noticed her curious mind, her passion for education, and her desire to share that with others.

When we asked Renata what inspires her, she replied, “the creation, daring to trying new solutions. The constant learning.” Renata’s drive to try new things, is evident in her day to day actions. Always working to learn and grow, and to share that with the team of coaches at Club Athletico Paranese. In her time with the team, she has brought in education and training to club to develop the staff and enhance the way the athletes are trained. Pivotal has been honored to be a part of that development with CAP, working closely with Renata to integrate various systems and methodology to enhance performance for all.

Renata wishes to leave a mark on the industry by “always putting art and creativity to work.” This growth mindset she shares, allows her to see many different possibilities and come up with creative ways to enhance the environment for the coach and the athlete. She encourages new coaches coming into the industry to “cultivate the desire for improvement and learning always. Never get stagnant, keep the curiosity and the will to experiment.” Her passion for education is contagious!

Throughout her career, Renata has found several mentors who have helped her to better understand the most important training topics. These individuals include: Scott Hopson and Hayley Hollander from Pivotal, Michol Dalcourt of IOM, Gary Gray, Lenny Paraccino, Pat McCloskey, and Nick Winkelman. Her desire to learn from others and seek out mentors, shines in her coaching and teaching.

We have the privilege of working with Renata and the CAP team in weekly virtual meetings, and annual trips to the CAP facility. Together, we enhance the organization of programs, the evaluation of athletes and methodology, and especially in the quality of movement.

We truly enjoy working with someone as passionate and curious as Renata, and we encourage you to connect with her. You can find her on Instagram at @_rebarros12