Meet Coach Marcelo, or Marce for short. He is a lover of movement and helping people through the tools of human performance. Native to Chile, a Kinesiologist by profession, a specialist in human performance, and an international coach, educator and owner of Movement Solutions, a company helping people to achieve their goals.

Why does he coach? Marcelo explains, “Because it’s what I love. In everything I do in life I realize that coaching is essential, from solving administrative problems at Movement Solutions to programming a training cycle with my athletes. It is an incredible opportunity to connect with other human beings by focusing on a problem that by solving as a team, we achieve happiness.”

Marce is inspired to leave a mark on the industry. He believes that things can be done in a different and better way. He is passionate to take care of this beautiful industry and help thousands of people to live better lives.

To carryout that mission, Marce seeks mentors who unconditionally help others, and apply theory and practice to any situation. His mentors include, Jair Lee, Tristan Rice, Rodrigo Araya, and Manuel Araos. These four individuals, possess the desire to selflessly give and push the industry forward by bringing scientifically backed education with practical application.

When asked what advice he would give to young or new coaches, he says “love what you do, and find a reason bigger than yourself. Plus, understand that coaching is a long-term game, it is not a sprint.”

Pivotal had the honor to have Marce at the Pivotal Mentorship Level 1 in San Diego in 2019. His curiosity and eagerness to learn was contagious! After attending the 3-day event, his passion and drive to bring the industry forward, led to bringing Pivotal to Chile. His company, Movement Solutions, was the first to bring the Pivotal Mentorship Level 1 to Latin America.

We are grateful to Marce, and his mission and vision to help others have opportunity to learn and grow. Because of Marce, Spanish speaking students all over Latin America are experiencing Pivotal Education.

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