Meet Sylvie, a French American citizen living in Miami and Dallas. She is a Coach and an Educator. You will find Sylvie traveling the world and teaching accredited courses for fitness brands; and in between her travel, she trains private clients to prepare faster, perform better, and recover quicker.

Sylvie Patrick

Sylvie possesses a NUCLEAR ENERGY! She loves interaction, and she loves people. Inspired by her clients, coaching gives her a sense of fulfillment. She works with a wide spectrum of individuals with very different goals. Many of her clients are looking to live their best, pain free life, without any movement limitations, and chronic diseases.

When asked what she wants to be known for, she replies, “I hope to be known for my contagious positive energy and my ability to motivate people. I want to motivate a client to reach their fitness and wellness goals. And I want to motivate trainers to find their niche and make a decent living.” 

With the goal of making a difference in other’s lives, she is driven to find inspiration and mentorship. “The body can be a very complex machine… I have found people capable to explain very complicated concepts in a layman terms that allow me to understand and apply them in my training sessions. This is priceless!”

Sylvie explains that Pivotal Coaching is one of her mentors. And has given her some very important tools to add to her training offering.Ā “The Pivotal Mentorship Level 1 was a great event and allowed me to learn and apply complex techniques. The content of the course is vital to your career if you decide to make a living by training high income clients. I also met amazing people in the class and still stay in contact with them. They joined my mentors pool!”

Sylvie at Pivotal Mentorship

Sylvie has a curious mind, and eagerness to be better, and a contagious personality that you want to be around. Her passion to learn extends through many others. She recommends some other individuals and companies to follow below:
– Karl Sterling, Parkinson’s regeneration course
– Dr. Emily Splichal, EBFA
– Brent Brookbush, Brookbush Institute
– Peter Twist, S&C and his holistic health approach
– Bryan Mirabella, breathing coach
– Justin Russ, S&C tennis
– Alfredo & Michelle Iglesias, Lamablefitness and work with CSI Injury clients

The list is much longer … šŸ˜‰ , and she is happy to connect and share.

When asked what advice she would you give to new coaches coming into the industry, Sylvie says, “Donā€™t try to be the personal trainer of everyone. Choose who is your ideal client: youth, athlete, weight loss, active aging. Then dig in deep into techniques and technologies that would help this client reach their goals.Ā Become an expert in that particular type of training and surround yourself with smart people who can teach you, mentor you, and guide you to always improve. Spend 10% of your annual income to better your education.”

We love having Sylvie in the Pivotal community, and highly recommend you connect with her!
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Instagram – @sylviepatrickfl