Press Release (March 14th, 2022)

Pivotal announces a partnership with professional soccer club, Club Athletico Paranese (CAP), bringing world-class education and training to the Coaching team.

CAP develops growing athletes, males and females, from the under 10 age group all the way up to the professional team. Requiring coaches to have a high-level understanding of movement, coaching, and programming, needed for all ages of sport development.

The CAP soccer season, runs from late January to mid-December, starting with a brief pre-season and building into games and competitions as early as March for some of the development teams. With a demanding schedule, that can include 2 or 3 games a week, coaches have to juggle optimal training loads and recovery to help keep their athletes on the field all season long.

Pivotal & Renata Barrios

Renata Barros, Director of Continuing Education for CAP, states that “players have a very demanding schedule, and Pivotal has come in and become familiar with how we work here… and the reality of our schedule. Helping us to apply the concepts of training and programming.”

Whether it’s live onsite education, or online weekly virtual meetings, Pivotal provides research proven education and applications to upgrade the delivery and training for all athletes. Working together with CAP coaches to problem-solve for tough training schedules, and individual athlete’s needs.

When asked about what she has observed since working with Pivotal, Barros explains, “I am amazed at how they (Pivotal) took the individual results of assessment, and created customized solutions for each athlete that could be applied in the team setting.”

With each visit to Brazil, Pivotal progresses the education and application, customizing it to the needs of the coaches, teams, and athletes. The most recent visit focused on integrating advanced periodization concepts, and methods for power training. The follow-up online sessions will cover application and programming of those concepts with the coaches and their teams. Creating solutions for each individual coach, the team’s unique schedule, and the development needs of that age group.

As the season advances, Pivotal will adapt the education and training to the coach’s needs and the demands of the schedule.

Stay tuned for more updates on this partnership as the season continues.

Watch the full interview with Renata Barros here:

An interview with Renata Barros of CAP