Midtown Athletic Club announces their new Coach Battle Plan, supported by the Midtown Academy due to launch January 2022. Pivotal is honored to partner with Midtown to create proprietary education uniquely aligned to the mission, vision, and core values of the company.

The aim of the Midtown Coach Battle Plan is to provide world-class education, enhance member experiences, build credibility, and deliver required continuing education credits. Midtown seeks coaches that embody their core values. Hiring and developing coaches that are:

1) Engaged visible and present around the club
2) That deliver on the Midtown promise (“To inspire people to transform their lives.”)
3) That know Midtown’s programs and create memorable experiences for our members.
4) Hybrid coaches (delivering multiple services like groups, one-on-one, and classes) engaging as many people as possible.

“Our goal is to get as many members and people in front of coaches and instructors, and into programs, because that’s where the magic happens” states Richard Earney, Midtown National Program Director. In addition to the goal, through research and round table calls with peers, Earney explains that almost all coach criteria plans for compensation and promotion are based on revenue. With the obstacles of the pandemic and current industry stats, many coaches are leaving their careers and the industry all together. Stack the traditional revenue requirements in a majority of coach criteria plans, and the diminished business of the pandemic, it quickly becomes a one-track road to nowhere.

Midtown has decided to flip the script.

Instead of the traditional revenue-based model, their new coaching criteria is based around two pillars. Engagement and Education.

Midtown believes that personal attention makes a difference, and they want their coaches and instructors in front of as many members as possible giving that attention. So, the focus shifts to developing coaches that are engaged! Engagement comes in multiple ways, and when a coach wears many hats. Engagement hours not only include all Fitness, Pilates, and Group Programming hours, but also approved education hours, and meetings and hours worked in any other department. A genius move for Midtown and the coach. Why? The more exposure, and the more opportunities a coach has of engaging members – the greater their earning potential and impact. That’s a win!

Education, developed in collaboration with Pivotal Coaching, has two tracks.
M1: Foundations of Coaching
M2: Next Level Coaching

M1 & M2 tracks progress in depth of information and application and support the coach’s journey at Midtown. The information learned within the course visits topics within mindset, movement, metabolic, mechanical, and programming. Earney goes on to say, “Oh, and by the way it’s all proprietary and CEC approved!” In fact, the coach will earn exactly 21 continuing education credits towards ACE, NASM, and ISSA.

Wow, that’s another win! Coaches will not only experience great education, but they will be able to renew their certification while they are at it.

The journey doesn’t stop there for the coach. Midtown thought further ahead in terms of a coach’s career and expanded the education opportunities to an M3: Specialization in Coaching track. They have partnered with world leaders in the industry including ISSA, EXOS, Gray Institute, Precision Nutrition, Balanced Body, and more. Coaches can expand their learning and ability to serve the member within a field that peaks their interest.

Earney explains, “Our hope is to create more full-time coaches.” Key word being ‘full-time.’ At a time when businesses are tightening their pocketbooks and decreasing budgets, Midtown has gone all-in and invested in their coaches. Not only have they invested in them, but they are implementing a playbook, that helps them to become ‘full-time’ coaches.

With a coach battle plan that is centered around engagement and education, not only with it upgrade the coach’s knowledge, but it will elevate the member experience too. Leading to the Midtown promise, which is to “Inspire people to transform their lives.”

Get a behind the scenes look at our full interview with Richard Earney here: