A career in fitness is incredibly fulfilling. You have the ability to change people’s lives! Not just their bodies, but their emotional state, mental state, level of personal empowerment, their habits, and more. But it’s hard to have a deep and meaningful impact when we’re not in touch with what makes us special. As Scott Hopson says, “before you decide where the bus is going- who is driving the bus?”

In this podcast with Fitness Career Mastery, Scott talks about a number of things that help you find your unique gift- and how to magnify it. He talks about how to create your own inner GPS. What are the core values that you wake up with and guide you every day? He also talks about developing a completion mindset- where it doesn’t matter if you succeed or not- just whether you complete what you set out to do. Why it’s important to surround yourself with the conditions you intend to manifest. The importance of ritual to help get you where you want to go. How to tap into your natural creative genius- meaning you find where you excel, rather than trying to be someone else- essentially how to become truly authentic and act with integrity in a way that makes you magnetic. And finally, practices that can help you get into a state flow- whether that’s mediation, affirmation, visualization, inspiration, etc.

Listen here.