How we act, behave, and express our attitudes is rooted in our beliefs and values. Our beliefs and values are so intricately intertwined into who we are as human beings. Our beliefs and values have been shaped by the experiences of our lives and the culture we are surrounded by. We are not even aware that they are the driving force of how we act, until we stop and ask ourselves, “why do we act the way we do?”

The global conversation around equality has inspired many of us to take a look inward and reconsider our beliefs and values.

This internal shift of focus is what we call ‘self-awareness’. Becoming conscious of what is usually subconscious in most of us. When we openly welcome this shift of perspective, we give ourselves permission to change what might not be serving us or the relationships we have with others. Self-awareness requires vulnerability.

It is not easy to be vulnerable. It’s even tougher to be vulnerable with yourself. When we turn our focus inward and evaluate our beliefs and values and realize we want to change something, it is YOU and only YOU that can do that.

When we take that internal dive and we realize a belief or value is not serving us, we might feel a sense of discomfort, or a resistance to change. That’s okay. Ask yourself to pause. Stick with the feeling, and be curious enough to ask ‘why?’

When we stop just long enough to ask why, we might find the limiting factor in our ability to make progress in our relationships or situations. That’s the good news.

The bad news (well it depends on how you look at it) is that in order to make progress something has to change. šŸ˜‰

Change is hard. But with change we welcome new possibilities, new opportunities, new relationships, and a new way of life.

Whether you are seeking a greater opportunity in your career, or the ability to communicate with clarity across all your relationships in your life, self-awareness is a key process to create change that we must repetitively implement.

In the Pivotal FREE online course, Your GPS to Success, we take you through several self-focused activities to guide you to where you want to be and help you to establish how you might create change for yourself. Introducing you to the three-selves perspective of self-awareness and further discussing how you can create focused goals for yourself in the roles and characteristics you play in your life.

When we take responsibility for ourselves by practicing self-awareness, and begin to change our behaviors, actions, and attitudes towards a better tomorrow. We not only benefit in our personal and professional lives, but we empower others around us to do the same simply by shining a spotlight on our own desire for personal change.