Dr. David Kessler said it best in a recent podcast with BrenĂ© Brown, talking about why this quarantine has us experiencing every end of the emotional spectrum. He said, “we are all mourning the loss of the way the world once was. “

Alert – truth bomb!

Everyone of us is experiencing loss. Loss in many ways. No more eating meals with friends at your favorite restaurant. The inability to celebrate birthdays of our loved ones together in one place. Concerts, sports competitions, graduations, conventions, vacations and traveling, going to work, you name it, it most likely has been cancelled. It’s a heavy feeling to reconcile this much loss.

With loss comes grief, and with grief we experience the entire continuum of emotions. Not all at one time, and not all in the same order. Yet, despite the never ending free-time we were unexpectedly given to binge watch all our favorite shows, for most of us, quarantine has emotionally slapped us in the face. A reality that we would never have imagined.

A heavy reality… very heavy.

And while we are two months into this quarantine, and some of us are about to start seeing the light of day with reopening. Others are still hunkered down awaiting the chance to experience ‘the new normal.’ (Soon to be iconic oxymoronic phrase of 2020). ‘The new normal’ will be littered with mask wearing, acceptable social distancing marked floors at stores, tables spread far apart at restaurants, airplanes with unoccupied middle seats, sanitizer stations everywhere, and clear barriers at retail touch points. It will feel weird, yet sterile.

The world as we knew it, will change. Demanding acceptance of a new normal.

But one thing will be constant, and that is our need to connect with others. Whether that happens virtually, or standing 6 feet apart with our designer face masks on, people will always want to connect.

In fact, our need to connect is a subconsciously wired universal value embedded in our DNA. We can’t erase it’s magical power over us to want to connect with other humans.

So even though the world will put up sneeze guards, sanitizer stations, and ask us to wear masks in public; the good news is our human magical power will allow us to find groups, teams, and communities that motivate and inspire us to feel a sense of love and belonging. That will never be a loss we have to face.

Learn more about our human magical power of connection in this video. And if you’re still intrigued, take a look at the online Pivotal Group Coaching Certification course powered by Gray Institute.

And to all our students, clients, athletes, friends, and colleagues we look forward to experiencing ‘the new normal’ with you all, doing what we love and empowering you to reach your full potential. Please reach out and connect đŸ˜‰ .