Motion is Lotion.

If you’ve been to the Pivotal Mentorship, or you’ve watched some of our Instagram story feeds you might have heard this phrase come up.

It always warrants a giggle from the crowd when we say it. Despite its funny connotation, there is much truth and science behind this humorous statement. Allow us to elaborate.

We believe that the human body is built like a force conduit system. Designed to absorb, transmit, and produce forces. It is constantly trying to find a state of equilibrium between compression & tension.

Slide from the Pivotal Mentorship Phase 1

Our beautifully designed structure, houses web-like neuro-myo-fascial tissues that symbiotically work together to share and distribute the load. Our predominantly water filled tissues, possess a piezo-electric current that communicates position, shape, pressure, and fluidity. This current and it’s flow, stimulates fibroblasts and cellular health, which responds to pressure and movement.

With movement, the current promotes:
1. Hydration
2. Stimulation
3. Growth
4. Healing

Without movement, it becomes like a giant green booger. Tacked down, stiff, and hypo & hyper sensitized. Sometimes you are aware of it, through constant signaling from your tissues that might show up as a pain or discomfort. Other times you are only aware of it when you attempt to move a certain way and you realize you can’t. We call that ‘dysfunction.’ (Another topic, for another blog).

Lack of movement, and repetitive postures & positions can create these giant green boogers all over your body.

How do we avoid this stickiness?


But not all movements are created equal. And not all movements are equal to every person.

In order to determine which movements are the right lotion for you, we assess first. Looking at global human function in all three planes of motion through six chain reactions, we can assess your body’s mobility and stability across 66 vital joint motions. We use an assessment called 3DMAPS from the Gray Institute. (This course is included with our Mentorship).

From your assessment, we can determine where you lack shape and where you lack control, giving us the ability to determine which tissues might be gunked up, and which joint motions need some upgrading.

Through the application of specific techniques we find the ‘right lotion for you.’

Although there are a variety of techniques we program for to enhance our client’s movement. We start with the mindset to lengthen and not stretch and return our neuro-myo-fasical tissues back to a state of hydration, we use OFT (Osteofascial Techniques developed by SOMA). See short video clip below:

OFT Anterior Retinaculum referenced from

Once we lengthen, we move. Move with stability to enhance mobility. Then move with less stability to enhance control. Working in all three planes, while considering which motions you need the most of to lubricate the tissues.

So, now that we’ve come full circle and you have a greater understanding of what we are giggling about, you can shout it loud and proud…

Motion is Lotion! Come find the right lotion for you… join us at our Mentorships in 2020.