Without fail, no matter what type of social gathering we attend, it always happens. We get asked the dreaded question.

“What do you do for a living?”

It’s not that we dread ‘what we do’, nor is it that we hate to tell people ‘what we do’. The truth, in fact, is that we love what we do, and we love to share that with others. The tricky part to what we do is explaining it in a language that most will understand.

You see we call ourselves “Coaches”. But the world calls us “Personal Trainers”.

When you really think about it, the word “coach” has many positive attributes attached to it. A coach implies someone who is supportive, focused on the effort of the collective group, and someone who has the best interests of those involved at the forefront of their mind. Some might have even had an influential coach in their life who helped them to succeed or accomplish something great. The word ‘coach’ is evolutionary, connecting to it positive memories and hopeful future outcomes.

The title of “personal trainer”, is well, different. In many regards the world does not attach positive characteristics to it. They envision someone who is pushing you to your limits. They associate the term with uncomfortable situations or struggling through exercise. Now if you are a personal trainer, you know that is not always true. In fact, you know that what you offer is more than torture… right?! Unfortunately the world and the media have portrayed it in such a way that we have to overcome a negative bias about the title of “personal trainer” from the moment we meet people.

Therefore, we call ourselves ‘coaches’ for many reasons.

The original definition of a coach is a vehicle of transportation- helping people get from where they are to where they want to be. In reference to movement, a coach is defined as someone who guides and encourages transformation.   Connect the original definition with reference to movement and you will see that they go hand in hand. In fact, they equally define what we esteem ourselves to do for all our clients.  We create environments for transformation to occur.

At Pivotal Coaching we deliver three main services.

1. Coaching- creating breakthrough performances for teams & groups
2. Educating- we make your passion your paycheck.
3. Consulting- powering the best to perform their best.

No matter what service we deliver WE ARE coaching! We believe that the word coach encompasses all that we do and defines everything we deliver. Whether it’s helping others perform on the field, in the boardroom, or with their clients… We are coaching! For us, coaching is taking our clients from one place to the next by giving relevant instruction, empowering education, and transformational advice.

So if you find us at a party and you hear us talking about what we do… you’ll know what we mean when we say we are “Coaches” in the game of life and sport.