Have you ever had a moment in life that changes the course and direction of everything that happens thereafter?

We call those PIVOTAL moments.

In the world of movement, we define “PIVOT” as moving to more than one place and returning back home.

 “PIVOTAL” defined is: of vital or critical importance.

Combine the movement definition to the definition of Pivotal and you have the very essence of who we are.

As coaches and educators we are passionate about delivering PIVOTAL educational opportunities that allow your mind to discover many unique applications for coaching others. We are collaborating, collecting and sharing cutting-edge information from the world’s best to help you bring to life your career vision.

We have a combined 40-year history in the industry, with experience in coaching, educating & programming at the highest level. From entrepreneurship to leadership and club operations across multiple countries, we have implemented proven solutions to drive the bottom line and increase staff development. We are proud to say we have impacted the movement world with significant contributions in globally accredited certifications, curriculums, live events, and authored publications.

We are honored to say that we have influenced over 250,000 students, clients, and athletes in over 100 countries around the world.

Without a doubt, our PIVOTAL moment happens when we see you thrive and share your brilliance with all those you coach and serve.

If you are inspired to reach new heights and breakthrough the barriers that are limiting you, we invite you to ‘PIVOT’ with us in our Live educational offerings.

It might just be your PIVOTAL moment.