We are Pivotal.

A global development company empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential through coaching, educating, and consulting.



Creating breakthrough performance for teams & groups.

Your team deserves to train, practice and compete to their highest potential. We connect the dots from assessment to movement to programming seamlessly integrated with the technical and tactical demands of the game.


Making your passion your paycheck.

Whether you are a new coach or a veteran fitness professional our education explores the cutting edge science of human movement, programming and coaching as well as proven business solutions for you to make your passion your paycheck.


Powering the best to perform their best.

Is your business in need of inspiration, direction or support to create that next breakthrough? For over 20 years we’ve helped the industries best companies upgrade their education, people, services, and drive more revenue.

“Scott Hopson is an industry leader as represented by those of us who look to Scott for his insight and trust him representing our brands.

He has a global perspective, with the local knowledge of so many systems, giving Scott a truly unique perspective in being powerfully effective for those he serves.”

Mark Verstegen

Founder and President, EXOS / Athletes Performance

Global World Class Trainings.

Pivotal Mentorship

Coaching the human being and the human body.

With so many theories, systems, and methodologies it can be overwhelming and confusing as a coach. In our careers working with, and teaching for, many of the leaders in our industry we will share our approach to making the complex simple. We apply our Global perspective with the deep understanding of so many Local systems

The Pivotal system and methodology connects the dots of Movement, Coaching, and Programming, creating breakthrough performance in those we serve.

Topics include:

  • Stress and expression
  • Environmental, psycho-social, biological, and structural stressors
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Mechanical, metabolic and movement loading
  • Client readiness, performance and resilience
  • 3D movement analysis and performance assessment
  • Internal and external coaching techniques

Business Solutions

Powering the best to perform their best.

The higher you perform the harder it is to improve. We understand the relentless drive to be great one day at a time and that’s why Pivotal powers the industries best with global solutions to perform at their greatest potential

We work with our partners at many layers to create integrated solutions for external consumers and internal teams.

These include:

  • Create cutting edge content, education and training
  • Deliver live internal and external brand experiences
  • Recruit and develop world class brand educators and ambassadors
  • Create collaborative solutions with industry brand leaders and influencers

Teaching School

Become the great teacher and presenter you wish to be.

Good teachers and presenters possess the ability to influence those around them. Great ones can move people to action.

In 40+ combined years we have educated with and to the industries best. Let us share the skills to empower you to become the agent of change you truly are. If like us, you are driven to be a better teacher creating environments for others to fulfill their potential, then this school is for you.

You will learn, experience and apply:

  • The art of effective and efficient communication
  • The power of relationship
  • To deliver multi-sensory presentation skills
  • Whole-person learning techniques to create environments of transformation.